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December 14, 2009

News for Castle Point Anime Convention 2010:

Castle Point Anime Convention announces first guests

HOBOKEN, NEW JERSEY - December 14, 2009. CPAC 2010 is pleased to confirm voice actress Michelle Knotz as a special guest for the upcoming CPAC, and also welcomes back voice actor Bill Rogers and Otaku comedian Uncle Yo this year.

Voice actress Michele Knotz will be joining CPAC as a special guest for the upcoming convention. Michele is well known for her roles of Misty, Jessie, May, and Nurse Joy in "Pokémon". Michele has also voiced Ogiue Chika in the "Genshiken" OVA's and Koyuki Asagiri in "Kujibiki Unbalance."

A native of the Jersey Shore, Michele Knotz has always had a passion for acting. She was cast in her first animated voice-acting role as Hajime Yagi in "The World of Narue" in 2003. Since then she has also voiced Takako Kawashima in "Shootfighter Tekken," Matsumoto and various additional characters in "To Heart," and Razali, Cindy, Greta, and The Fairy in "The Third." In 2006, Michele landed the lead roles of Jessie, May, Misty, and Nurse Joy for the Pokémon 10th Anniversary Special "The Mastermind of Mirage Pokémon," and continued to voice these characters throughout season 9 of "Pokémon, the Battle Frontier." She has also voiced the characters May, Jessie, and Manaphy for the Pokémon Movie 9, "Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea." She voiced Chikorita in the Pokémon special "Pokémon Mystery Dungeon, Team Go-Getters Out of the Gate." Along with human-speaking characters, she has voiced various Pokémon in the series such as Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Chimecho, Beautifly, Masquerain, Dustox, Cacnea, Seedot, and many others. You can catch Michele as May, Jessie, Misty, and Nurse Joy at; an interactive web site dedicated to educating children in math, science, and language arts. In seasons 10 and 11 of "Pokémon, Diamond and Pearl," she returned as Jessie and Nurse Joy as well as the Pokédex, Piplup, and many other Pokémon characters. Michele voiced the Pokémon Trainer, Squirtle, and various other Pokémon for the Nintendo Wii smash hit "Super Smash Bros. Brawl." She has also voiced Ogiue Chika in the "Genshiken" OVA's and Koyuki Asagiri in "Kujibiki Unbalance."

Voice actor Bill Rogers is also joining CPAC once again this year as a special guest. Bill is well known for his roles in "Pokémon" as the voice of Brock, "Gravitation" as Touma Seguch, "Genshiken" as Tanaka Souichiro, and many others.

Since his debut in Assemble Insert back in 2001, Bill Rogers has provided voices for "KO Beast," "His and Her Circumstances," "Joe vs. Joe," "Madara," "To Heart," "Gokudo," and "Comic Party." Bill best known for his work in "Gravitation" as Touma Seguch, "Boogiepop Phantom" as Yamamoto, "Genshiken" as Tanaka Souichiro, "Shingu" as Kanata Mouken, and more recently "The Third" as Kevin. He can also be heard on Saturday mornings as the voice of Brock in "Pokémon," (as well as various Pokémon that appear in the show). Outside of the anime field, Bill has worked on the children's show "Tarchin and Friends" and the series of Universal Safety Squad educational films. In the world of video games, Bill has lent his voice to the XBox game "Bullet Witch" and has supplied the voices for Red, Yellow, and other characters in "m&m's Adventure" and "m&m's Kart Racing" for the Wii console. He has also voiced various Pokémon including Bonsly, Weavile and the legendary Lucario in "Super Smash Bros. Brawl."

As well, comedian Uncle Yo, who attended CPAC in 2008, will once again be attending the con this year. An emerging act in the world of conventions, Karl "Uncle Yo" Custer writes material for otaku, video gamers, role players, Trekkies, Jedi, and comic book fanboys (and girls, we're not picky.) Armed with only his giant D20 and his patented "manga-moticons," Uncle Yo promises to make you laugh so hard your chibi will feel it. From "Project A-Ko" to "Xenogears," this guy has something for everyone. He has MCed the Cosplay Masquerade for the first New York Anime Fest, and has premiered all across New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and the Javits Center of NYC.

Please visit for more information. Any questions may be sent to [email protected] For more info about becoming a special guest at CPAC, please email [email protected]

ABOUT CASTLE POINT ANIME CONVENTION: Castle Point Anime Convention is created and organized by the members of the Stevens Anime Club and will be held on April 11, 2010 on the campus of Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, New Jersey. Castle Point Anime Convention is just minutes away from New York City and is easily accessible by PATH, NJ Transit, ferry, and bus. Castle Point Anime Convention aims to promote anime, manga, and Japanese culture as well as providing a fun experience for attendees.

In the past, comedian Uncle Yo, composer Andy Brick, and musicians PEELANDER-Z, Nullsleep, and BitShifter have all made an appearance at CPAC. Last year, CPAC welcomed voice actor Bill Rogers and television producer/director Dekker Dreyer as special guests. As well, famous nerdcore hip-hop artist MC Frontalot and 8-bit artists Bit Shifter and Bubblyfish performed for the attendants at the end of the night. The convention drew a crowd of over 1000 people last year from the New Jersey/New York area.

Castle Point Anime Convention
Sunday, April 11, 2010
Stevens Institute of Technology
1 Castle Point on Hudson
Hoboken, NJ, 07030