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Suzanne's Cosplay Cosplayer
Minami Takahashi Actor
Ryan Bartley Actor
Chris Hackney Voice Actor
Miho Okasaki Actor
Mai Nakahara Actor / Singer
Takao Abo Director
Tomohiro Furukawa Animation Director
Hiromitsu Iijima Music Producer
Irma La Douce
Takushi Koide Animator
Marco d'Ambrosio Composer
Atsushi Nakayama Director
Ryoma Ebata Character Designer / Key Animator / Director
Eric Price President
Japanime Games
Brett Finnell Game Designer
LPR Games
Darius Hambleton Game Designer
Strange Machine Games
Shannon Lowe Actor
Jill Harris Actor
Dawn Humphrey Podcaster
m-flo Band
Abby Trott Actor / Singer
Laura Stahl Actor
Girlfriend Band
Dani Chambers Actor
Synth Reality Productions Music Performers

Recent Bio Updates

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Steve "Warky" Nunez Voice Actor / Pianist / Comedian
Stephen B. Pearl Author
John Gremillion Voice Actor
Tom Bateman Coordinator of Special Events
Sevdha Thompson Belly Dancer / Artist / Cosplayer
Night Sabers Band
Toshio Maeda Manga Artist
Jackie "Kanashimi" Florian Founder
91.8 The Fan
Misa on Wheels Cosplayer
SungWon Cho Actor / YouTube Personality
W.T. Snacks Disc Jockey
Giada Pancaccini Cosplayer
Steven Zakari Comedian
Haruko Momoi Vocalist / Voice Actor
Cir9 Producer
Junichi Sato Director
George Lowe Voice Actor
April Martin Cosplayer / Prop Maker
Azure Props
Matt Smith Actor
Jason Douglas Actor
Caleb Hyles Vocalist / YouTube Personality
Cosplay Zone Productions Acting Troupe
Third Impact Anime Podcasters
Katy Kleinhaus Speed Racer Enterprises
Kat Williams Writer / Artist
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