Press Releases

August 12, 2009

News for Kuzuricon 2009:

Kuzuricon announces new officers

On July 8, 2009 a special membership meeting was held, during this meeting some new members were added to Kuzuricon and multiple officer positions (lovingly referred to as staff) were changed. All of the changes made were done in a legal manner with a majority vote by our members.

The new appointments are as follows:

Chairman: Brian C.
Secretary: Cody B.
Programming: Samantha N.
Vendors: Nate W.
Promotions: Mysi C.
Gaming: John J.
Guests: T.C.
Volunteers: Greg E.

As can be seen there has been a good amount of change, however Kuzuricon is still going as planned.

Our new Promotions Officer, Mysi, is doing a great job in the promotions department.
Artist Alley is now classified under the vendor department and a staff member may be assigned as the Vendor Coordinator deems appropriate.

We thank you all for standing by Kuzuricon through these changes.