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May 25, 2009

News for Tsubasacon 2009:

Tsubasacon announces industry and musical guests for 2009

2009 Proves to be a Guest Filled Year for Huntington Anime Convention

HUNTINGTON, WEST VIRGINIA – May 9, 2009 – Tsubasacon will be welcoming new anime industry guests, along with some familiar faces, to its 2009 convention.

Tsubasacon, established in Charleston in 2004, is West Virginia's first and only anime convention and Japanese culture festival. Tsubasacon is held annually at the Riverfront Ballroom and Conference Center in Huntington and hosts a wide variety of entertainment and programming geared towards all ages and interests.

Tsubasacon will be returning to Huntington on October 9–11, 2009, with a guest list including anime industry notables Leah Clark and Darrel Guilbeau, returning musical performer Lisa Furukawa, and artists Jen Lee Quick and Gina Biggs. "Guests are always a big draw for anime conventions," quoted Jerad Bailey, head of Tsubasacon's Convention Operations, "Tsubasacon is glad to have so many wonderful, talented people this year."

Leah Clark is a voice actress, theater actress, and ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement) Director who has worked on notable projects such as Darker than Black, One Piece, Ouran High School Host Club, Suzuka, and Trinity Blood. Darrel Guilbeau, a voice actor from Louisiana, has voiced the lead role of Overman King Gainer, as well as supporting cast for Cyborg 009, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Samurai Champloo, and various video games.

Lisa Furukawa, a Japanese American pianist, singer, and songwriter, has previously performed for Tsubasacon, most recently during the convention's first year in Huntington. "Lisa [Furukawa] has always been one of our favorite guests, and I'm glad we are able to have her back again," said Jerad Bailey.

Also returning to Tsubasacon is Jen Lee Quick, an OEL (Original English-Language) manga artist and author of the Tokyopop-licensed manga "Off*Beat". New to Tsubasacon is Gina Biggs, author of the webcomic "Red String" and head of Strawberry Comics, an all-female group of comic creators specializing in character-driven stories of drama and romance.

ABOUT TSUBASACON: First established in 2004, Tsubasacon is West Virginia's first and only convention focusing on Japanese animation and comics, respectively know as "anime" and "manga". In early 2006, control of the convention was transferred from Charleston Anime and Manga Society, Inc. to Tsubasacon, Inc. Tsubasacon's goals are to promote anime and manga in West Virginia and to establish a social framework though which anime and manga fans can interact with each other.