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April 28, 2009

News for Anime Alabama 2009:

Anime Alabama announces guests for its first convention

MOBILE, AL - April 28th, 2009 - Anime Alabama is proud to present the guests for its inaugural convention:

Guest of Honor ROBERT AXELROD is the voice of LORD ZEDD and FINSTER in the wildly popular MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS. He has also been the voice of ARMIDILLOMON and WIZARDMON in the DIGIMON series, MICROCHIP in SPIDERMAN, has written several episodes of SAMURAI PIZZA CATS, and has worked on dozens of Anime projects including AKIRA, JIN-JIN, and COWBOY BEBOP. He was also RICO in ROBOTECH! He has been in the business since 1981.

Guest of Honor MAJA is an American lyricist who shares our love and fascination for things like Japanese animation, video games, and the Japanese language. His style has been described as "a breath of fresh air." He rhymes in three different languages: Spanish, Japanese, and English, a fusion he calls Janglish Speak. He is a lover of languages, and writes in whatever language inspires him at that time. His influences range from classic acts like Jay-Z to abstract and avant-garde artists like Utada Hikaru and Bjork. His web site is at URL

Guest of Honor MEREDITH PLACKO is an American costume designer, model, and entertainer. She has been creating her own costumes since 2000, even going so far as to earn a degree in Fashion Design and Marketing. When not working on and wearing her creations, you can find her teaching others how to create wonderful, wearable works of art. Outside of conventions, Meredith works behind the scenes as a field producer and writer, and a commercial voice over artist.

Guest of Honor MINI-KOMIX is an independent publisher of mini-comic books, artist's sketchbooks, and graphic novels. They work directly with the comics creators on publishing out their work. Sometimes it's done as its own title, while other times its part of an anthology, like Thought Balloon. Their web site is at URL

Anime Alabama is being held at the beautiful Renaissance Riverview Plaza Hotel in Mobile, Alabama, on June 5th - 7th, 2009. Anime Alabama is a convention celebrating Japanese animation, music, and culture.

The convention includes a Costume Contest organized by a member of Auburn University's Fine Arts department, a Maid Cafe, a Murder Mystery event, speed dating, a talent show, and a Dealers Room which will have authentic merchandise from Japan. There will also be computer and console gaming tournaments run by Panhandle Gamers.

Pre-registration ends on May 6th, after which memberships will only be available at-the-door. However, access to ticketed events, such as the Murder Mystery Ball, Maid Cafe, and Tea Party, is not guaranteed without a pre-registered Bronze, Silver, or Gold membership.

The hotel has provided a $99 room rate block for the convention. They will take reservations until May 6th, after which the regular rack rates mayl apply. Hotel reservations can made by calling 251-438-4000. Convention code AMAAMAA should be used to obtain the $99 quad occupancy rate. Please note that members can also check-in or check-out anywhere between June 3rd and June 9th and receive the same rate, depending on availability. Please call the hotel directly for flexible dates, along with additional discounts for convention attendees wishing to upgrade their rooms. Each of the 374 guest rooms has a stunning view of sparkling Mobile Bay.

Anime Alabama and its parent group, Anime South, are fan-run organizations, with all events run by volunteers. Anime Alabama and Anime South have no paid staff. For more information, call (850) 642-6463 or e-mail [email protected]