Press Releases

February 18, 2009

News for ConnectiCon 2009:

ConnectiCon announces first round of guests

ConnectiCon is pleased to announce our first round of guests for ConnectiCon 2009 held July 31 - August 2, 2009 at the Connecticut Convention Center in Hartford, CT.

First up, Carlos Ferro, voice of Dom in Gears of War, as well as a long list of other voice credits will be attending ConnectiCon this year.

We'd also like to announce some of the comic creators who have confirmed their attendance for this year:

Tim Buckley - CtrlAltDel
Scott Ramsoomair - VGCats
Brian Clevinger - 8bit Theater & Atomic Robo
Scott Wegener - Atomic Robo
Mookie - Dominic Deegan
Hawk & Ananth - Applegeeks
Ian, Matt & Jess - 3 Panel Soul & MacHall
Shawn Handyside - Halolz, Stacatto Comic, ForkU
Chris Malone - Blue and Blonde