Press Releases

September 4, 2007

News for Nekocon 2007:

NekoCon returns to Hampton Roads for tenth year

Hampton, VA - Local anime convention NekoCon returns to the Hampton Roads Convention Center to celebrate its 10th year anniversary. Taking place the first weekend of November since 1997, the convention invites fans of all ages to return and share their passion for Japan's animated shows, movies, and graphic novels. This year's theme, the "Cat Came Back", nods both to the spooky time of year, and also to NekoCon's stamina in a market that has seen exponential growth.

Convention Chairman Clayton Cavinder, nicknamed Moose by his friends and fellow staffers, remarks, "We have come a long way since our first event of three hundred people to expecting over three thousand new and returning members."

Members are welcome to attend various panels and workshops, purchase merchandise in the Dealer's Room, and be a part of main attractions like karaoke contests, art shows, nightly dances, and "Cosplay". Saturday night's Cosplay, a convention favorite, invites members to portray their favorite characters and perform skits or display their costume-making expertise. Chairman Moose also wishes to state, "As a service to help others understand this pop culture event, we are hosting an introduction to Anime, where we will cover the basics of the Anime fandom, and a brief description of Anime Conventions."

This year's guests include: Voice Actor [V.A.] and DJ Greg Ayers, Broadway and V.A. veteran Chris Ayers, producer and V.A. Daniel Kevin Harrison, V.A Aaron Dismuke, best known for his role as Alphonse Elric, from the hit series "Full Metal Alchemist" Artists Dave Lister, creator of Paradox Lost (, Mohammad "Hawk" Haque & Ananth Panagariya creators of the popular web comic series "Apple Geeks" ( as well as comic artist Bettina M. Kurkoski, creator of "My Cat Loki" and stand-up troupe "Geek Comedy Tour 3000".

NekoCon takes place November 2 - 4, 2007 at the Hampton Roads Convention Center. For membership information, or any other information about our convention, please visit the website at or email us at [email protected]