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August 7, 2007

News for Anime Evolution 2007:

Anime Evolution 2007 announces industry panels

Asian Popular Entertainment Event Highlights Multimedia, International and Local Talent

Vancouver, BC Canada - Anime Evolution (AE 2007) is primed to be Vancouver's premiere Asian entertainment event where industry and audiences interact directly in an informal setting. This three-day Japanese Animation Convention, expected to draw over 4,000 people, will bring together art, animation, video games, TV, film and music in a celebration of Asian popular culture and multimedia. All are welcome to attend the event, which draws largely on Vancouver's local talent pool of gifted actors and artists, as well as film and animation studios, comic book publishers, and game developers. Festivities will take place from Friday August 17 to Sunday August 19, 2007 at Simon Fraser University's Burnaby Campus. Events will take place at various locations on campus and the convention runs 24 hours a day.

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With the generous sponsorship of the Ocean Group along with the support of Geneon Animation and Viz Media, we are happy to present the following panels to introduce and promote some of the latest and most talked about series to be released in 2007 to our attendees:

Black Lagoon Anime Panel

Meet the some of the voice cast and dub production staff from Black Lagoon, the hit action adventure anime series released by Geneon Animation. An ordinary Japanese office worker is unwittingly involved with the "Lagoon Company", mercenaries for hire. The Lagoon Company are among the shady and dangerous characters trying to make living and staying alive in the most corrupt place in Asia. Where only the strongest and smartest with the most firepower survive.

Saiunkoku Anime Panel

Meet the some of the voice cast and dub production staff from Saiunkoku (Saiunkoku Monogatari - Tale of the Land of Many-Coloured Clouds). To be officially released August 28 on DVD by Geneon Animation, Saiunkoku is about the adventures of a young woman in a fantasy realm resembling ancient China. With a strong storyline and interesting characters, this series is bound to be a hit with anime fans of all ages.

Death Note TV Anime Series Panel

Meet some of the voice cast and dub production staff from the Death Note TV anime series. Based on the best selling manga series released in English by Viz Media, Death Note is centered on a brilliant but bored high school student named Light who accidentally receives a "Death Note". This cursed note book allows him to remotely kill anyone whose name is written within it. With his power over life and death, can Light use it to rid the world of criminals without being a criminal himself and hunted by the world's greatest detectives?

About Anime Evolution: Starting as a university video gathering in 1998, Anime Evolution morphed into full fledge convention on 2003. In our fifth year as a full convention, AE hopes to continue educating and entertaining fans of Asian popular culture.