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August 1, 2007

News for Anime Supercon 2007:

Anime Supercon announces eleven new guests

Fort Lauderdale, FL -Anime Supercon is a convention for anime, animation, comic book and manga fans taking place November 30 - December 2, 2007 at The Marriott North (Cypress Creek & I-95) in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. The show will include celebrity guests, artists, vendors, Q&A's, parties, costume contests, anime programming, manga, cosplay, workshops, panels, comic books, cosplay photoshoots and more! Over a dozen guests have already been announced for the show including:

  • April Stewart: Star of South Park, Grim & Evil, El Tigre, Danny Phantom and more! April is the voice of most of the female characters on South Park, such as: Wendy Testaberger, Liane Cartman, Sharon Marsh, The Mayor, Shelly Marsh and Mrs. Crabtree.
  • Tiffany Grant: Star of Neon Genesis Evangelion, Case Closed, Chrono Crusade, Full Metal Alchemist, Excel Saga, Cutey Honey and Suspiria.
  • Chris Ayres: Star of Gantz, Papuwa, Trinity Blood, Peacemaker, Full Metal Panic!? and Papuwa.
  • Dana Snyder: Star of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, The Venture Brothers, Saul of the Mole Men, Squidbillies, Robot Chicken and Minoriteam. The voice of Master Shake!
  • Gene Ha: Superstar Comic Book Artist. Credits include: X-Men, Top 10, Justice League of America, The Authority, Fables, Young Avengers, The 49ers, Superman, Teen Titans and Batman.
  • Chickenbox!: The punk rock live action animation band.
  • George Lowe: The voice of Space Ghost!

Anime Supercon is proud to announce the addition of eleven new guests to its growing line up. The latest additions are:

  • Don Kramer: Superstar Comic Book Artist. Don is the current artist on Detective Comics and his past credits include Batman, JSA, The Thing, Aquaman and Dr. Fate.
  • Al Baruch: Legendary Disney animator. Al was the concept artist on classics such as Peter Pan (where he developed Captain Hook and the Crocodile) and Lady and the Tramp (where he developed Jock the Scottish Terrier and Trusty the English Bloodhound). In addition to his work at Disney, Al worked with CBS/Terrytoons on Mighty Mouse and Casper The Friendly Ghost.
  • Select Start: The Classical Music "Video Game" Band. Select Start is the fusion of six musicians based in Gainesville, Florida, who combine their mutual love for video games, music, and their instruments (two violins, a cello, guitar, piano and flute) to create a musical experience and sound unique to the video game music world.
  • J*SCAPE: The South Florida JROCK cover band
  • Rose Thompson: Otaku Bellydance, Artist & Designer. As a dancer, Rose has become one of the youngest professional Oriental dancers in the field, experienced in various forms of Belly Dance. Her specialty is a Japanese/Belly Dance fusion that she refers to as "Buyo Bellydance", which incorporates traditional Japanese Geisha dances into Middle Eastern dance while adding a modern twist to the mix. As well, she is the illustrator and creator of Denki (a short comic strip published in Japan) and is the co-founder of Studio Sakura Designs.
  • Jay Wade Edwards: Producer/Editor & Director of Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Jay is one of the guiding forces behind Aqua Teen Hunger Force, acting in the role of Producer, Editor and Director for the show. For the feature film Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film For Theatres he was the supervising Editor and a producer.
  • Greg Kirkpatrick: Comic Book and Roleplaying Game Artist. Credits&include Living In Infamy, Novavolo, Savage Dragon, Mutants a Masterminds and Green Ronin Publishing.
  • Terry Cronin & Pat Martin: Comic Book Creators & Filmmakers. Terry and Pat are the driving force behind the independent comics sensation Students of the Unusual, a critically acclaimed Horror Comic Anthology. In addition to their comic book work, Terry and Pat are independent filmmakers and promote the Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival (in Melbourne Florida)
  • Matt Reynolds: Artist. The Pharaohs Curse.
  • Sonnie Wright: Artist/Designer.

The convention hours of operation are:
FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 30: 5:00PM - 2:00AM
SUNDAY, DECEMBER 2: 11:00AM - 6:00PM
6650 N. Andrews Ave, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309. Phone (954) 771-0440.

For a schedule of events and appearances: visit
Florida Supercon Tickets are currently available online at $20 for a weekend pass. Tickets at the door will be $25 for a weekend pass and $20 for a one day pass.

FLORIDA SUPERCON is sponsored by Students of the Unusual (, Tate's Comics ( and CGC (