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June 23, 2007

News for AnimeNEXT 2007:

AnimeNEXT announces Japanese guests of honor

AnimeNEXT is very happy to welcome Mr. Toyo Ikeda and Mr. Daisuke Gomi to AnimeNEXT 2007 as Guests of Honor. With the cooperation of GONZO in Japan, everyone at AnimeNEXT is excited to bring these talented individuals to the United States. In fact, Mr. Ikeda and Mr. Gomi are both involved in the production of Romeo x Juliet. So not only will you be able to see a performance by the Japanese band 12012 who perform the ending song for Romeo x Juliet, but you will also be able to meet some of the production staff behind the show.

Mr. Toyo Ikeda was originally influenced by the TV animation Sailor Moon. He entered Yoyogi Animation Institute after finishing college. Mr. Ikeda then went on to join Digimation K.K., in fact he is one of the first group of hires the company made. Later when Digimation merged with GONZO Inc., Mr. Ikeda participated in the production of the hit TV series Gatekeepers as Assistant Producer working under director Junichi Sato. Mr. Ikeda then went on to work with Mr. Sato again in 2003 on Kaleido Star as Associate Producer. Presently Mr. Ikeda is involved in production of GONZO's latest hit in Japan, Romeo x Juliet.

Mr. Daisuke Gomi joined multi-channel satellite digital TV broadcaster DIRECTV JAPAN Inc. in 1998. Joined satellite TV access provider SKY Perfect Communications Inc. in 2000, where he was involved in the broadcasting of animation titles such as Initial D, Ghost in the Shell, Samurai 7, and various feature films and music performances. In 2004, he joins the newly established SKY Perfect Well Think Co., Ltd. as a producer and has been in charge of various films and animation/live-action TV series, including the new GONZO anime production Romeo x Juliet.

AnimeNEXT is the New York City metro area anime convention. Located at the Meadowlands Expo Center and the Holiday Inn in Secaucus, NJ, AnimeNEXT is only minutes from New York City. AnimeNEXT is July 6-8, 2007. Come out to see the latest anime titles in our 24-hour video rooms, check out the latest manga in our Manga Library, and see what's playing in the video game room. AnimeNEXT will also feature industry guests, voice actors, music videos, anime game shows, artist's alley, the art show, cosplay and a whole lot more. If you want to keep up-to-date with the latest in AnimeNEXT 2007 news, check out our website at It is that simple! We'll see you in July!