Press Releases

May 29, 2007

News for The Asian Karaoke Idol Invitational 2007:

TAKII to feature Natsuo Kimura's US east coast debut

May 27th, 2007 -- Upper Darby, PA -- As someone wise once said, "You only get 1 chance to make a 1st impression". TAKII Coordinators are proud to announce the fusion festival's very 1st bona-fide professional J-Rocker to ever appear & perform, Natsuo Kimura (aka Natz), lead singer/guitarist from the J-Rock fusion group known as Rusika!

A Japanese post-alternative band from Los Angeles, California that was formed in December 2006 when Natz (aka Natsuo Kimura, lead vocals/guitar), Ilan (bass guitar), & Koji (drums) were looking for the best band members to establish a growing interest of Japanese music in America in their own stylistic way. Just as TAKII & Rusika were brought together by the shared mission of taking Asian Music to another level of extreme, Natz & his fellow bandmates heard the same calling.

Natz was a solo musician after he came in the USA more than 4 years ago. He met Ilan this past year while hosting his event, J-Rock Night. Because the original bass player had to cancel, Natz asked Ilan to play bass guitar for his band called LUPPY just one hour before the show started. After the show, the 2 musicians noticed that they shared similar tastes in Japanese music & styles, so they decided to create a new band. A few weeks later, Ilan introduced Kozi to Natz & the group known as Rusika was born!

Rusika's music is to be considered Japanese Pop/Rock, while experimenting with a variety of their combined lifetime's music-related influences. The band members have been influenced by bands like Mr. Children, Luna Sea, Bump Of Chicken, L'Arc En Ciel, & Spitz. While planning to tour America & Japan this year, Rusika's lead singer will be traveling to USA's East Coast for the 1st time ever in his (or the group's) history just for TAKII 4 & will not only be a guest judge for TAKII 4's Asian Karaoke Idol Show, but will be performing for all TAKII faithful live!

Natz personally requested that he perform for us this summer, so let's show him some of that extreme TAKII adoration & make sure not to miss what is sure to become a bomobastic J-Rock experience.

TAKII 4, an Asian Music/video game fusion festival, comes to you from The Rotunda in Philadelphia, PA on Sunday, Aug. 5th 2007 @ 10am EST. Featuring live Asian Music performers, video gaming excellence, cosplaying, & MORE, there will be a lil something for everyone!