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April 30, 2007

News for T-MODE 2007:

T-MODE '07 offers Japan Anime Travel Tour

(Arlington, VA.) April 28, 2007 -- Scheduled for September 14-16, 2007, T-MODE '07 announces an unprecedented effort toward the expansion of Japanese culture for its attendees. For the first time ever at an anime convention, T-MODE '07 Chairman Lawrence Stuckey announces that T-MODE attendees can visit Japan through their T-MODE '07 Japan Anime Travel Tour.

"We really wanted to show our attendees what it's like to experience Japan first hand", says Lawrence Stuckey T-MODE '07 Chairman. "We worked very hard to create an anime style trip that's both affordable and packed with all of the things that most anime enthusiast only read about".

T-MODE '07's Japan Anime Tour is scheduled to take place on February 16-20, 2008. Trip participants will leave and return from LAX airport and will stay at the beautiful Shinagawa Price Hotel in Tokyo. Air travel from other locations to LAX can be arranged through T-MODE '07 and their travel company.

The trip's six day itinerary includes excursions to Akihabara, the Gibli Museum, Kaiyodo and the Tokyo Anime Center. The trip culminates with a visit to Japan's Annual Cosplay Festival.

Rates for The Japan Anime Tour are a low $717.00 for the Land Only Package and only $1400.00 including airfare. These rates have been organized exclusively for T-MODE '07 and the trip is open to any T-MODE '07 registered attendee.

For more information about the T-MODE '07 Japan Anime Tour visit for details.

T-MODE 2007 is an annual anime and gaming convention being held at the Hilton Crystal City in Arlington, Virginia and is dedicated to the expansion of the Japanese culture in the United States.

Additional information about registration, events, hotel information, and guests can be found at their website: