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April 12, 2007

News for Anime Vegas 2007:

Anime Vegas announces 2007 dates

Anime Vegas Convention Drawing More Anime & Manga Fans

Las Vegas, Nevada - April 12, 2007 - Anime fans and industry professionals from around the globe are keeping an eye on Anime Vegas Convention 2007, as one of the up and coming Japanese Anime Pop Culture events in North America. A large part of the buzz and attraction surrounding the four-year old convention is the fact that it is "smack dab" in the middle of a high profile international business/vacation destination, Las Vegas, Nevada. Not to give Vegas all the credit, but the non-profit Anime Vegas Club did have something to do with its popularity in its own right.

The Anime Vegas Club originally started in 2002 at the West Charleston Library, holding monthly screenings of Japanese animation. The club quickly increased its membership from nine (9) initial attendees to a regular attendance of 100-150 each month. In 2004, the first, to be annual, Anime Vegas Convention was started and drew 1,019 attendees. The growth in popularity is attributed to its more intimate setting between the staff, guests, and local and Southern Utah anime fans.

"With genuine interest in the fans, our smaller convention caters to well known anime guests, giving fans the opportunity to meet them personally. Fans enjoy excellent activity programming, the friendly staff and exciting atmosphere of Las Vegas," say Anime Vegas President Rich Stott."

The Anime Vegas Club and convention organizers are preparing for an estimated attendance of 3000-3500 anime fans for their Fourth Annual Anime Vegas Convention at the Cashman Center on September 1st-3rd 2007.

Anime Vegas is a non-profit organization to promote awareness of Japanese Pop Culture and Entertainment in Las Vegas, providing a public forum for those, who share an interest in anime and manga (Japanese comic books). For more information log onto

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