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March 22, 2007

News for MomoCon 2007:

MomoCon to return next year

Anime/Gaming Convention To Make Next Year The Biggest Year Yet

ATLANTA, GA. March 20th, 2007: The Anime O-Tekku sponsored event, MomoCon, has begun to make arrangements for its return in 2008, following the security incidents on Sunday, March 18th. The Georgia Tech facility managers have allowed MomoCon continued use of the buildings for the events, but MomoCon has made no announcements as to it's time or location to take place in Spring 2008.

On Sunday afternoon convention attendees were asked to leave the building following the discovery of several small fireworks inside of the Student Center complex, and the detonation of several such items outside of the building. The building was then thoroughly searched by the convention staff, and the Georgia Tech Police, who had been called upon the discovery of the fireworks. Several more were discovered inside of the building, and turned over to the Police. Due to the safety regulations of the public university campus, the convention had to be shut down. The case remains open with Georgia Tech Police and is actively being investigated.

MomoCon has just celebrated it's third year, and will continue to hold a wide variety of anime, gaming, and comic related events open to the general public. While no announcement have been released as to when, or where the events will take place, the tentative period for the convention is still in Spring 2008.

"We would like to apologize to every one of our attendees." said Jessica Merriman, the event's coordinator, "We know it is you guys who make MomoCon what it is, and we will do whatever it takes to make our next MomoCon, the best one to date".

MomoCon will continue to make announcements regarding future events, on the website