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January 12, 2007

News for MomoCon 2007:

MomoCon announces guests and events

Atlanta, GA. - January 10, 2007 - Anime O-Tekku of Georgia Tech is pleased to announce the return of MomoCon, an annual anime/gaming/comics convention held in Atlanta, GA, March 17-18, 2007 at the Georgia Tech Student Center and Instructional Center. The convention is free of charge to all attendees and family friendly, so people of all ages are encouraged to attend!

This year's event includes expanded anime viewing rooms and panels, the latter featuring both special guest and fan presenters. MomoCon 2007 will feature numerous Japanese cultural events as well, including an Ikebana flower arranging demonstration, an origami workshop, and presentations on kimono-wear. The annual costume contest has been moved to the scenic Georgia Tech campanile, both to accommodate more entrants and a bigger audience. It also features a revamped placement system for greater speed and accuracy in costume judging. Responding to increased demand, the staff of MomoCon is pushing itself to the limits to support an increase in the volume and quality of video game programming, including a new Retro Console gaming lounge, an added video game free-play room, reorganized tournament setups, and more to go along with its pre-existing selection of free play game rooms and panels.

MomoCon also is proud to play host to events featuring numerous fandoms, including a Dollfie picnic hosted in the on-campus Skiles Garden, themed photo shoots featuring two professional photographers, and official congregations of the biggest and best fan organizations in the Southeast. One World by Night (a national White Wolf LARP Group) will be hosting a Vampire: the Masquerade LARPing event conjunction with MomoCon 2007, and welcomes new players as well as veterans. Other White Wolf LARP contingencies will also be running convention-wide Live Action gaming for the layman and expert alike.

Returning guests for MomoCon 2007 include the local gaming studio Gamesare, guaranteed to bring fun demos to play and insight on the "real deal" behind making and selling video games, as well as Jennie Breeden of The Devil's Panties, and Bill Holbrook, artist and author of Kevin and Kell featured in the Atlanta Journal Constitution. MomoCon welcomes webcomic artists Amelie Belcher (Adventures of Amelie) and Matt Simpson (Nuclear Powered Toaster), as well as cosplayers Winters Knight and Ashley Vess. As the convention grows nearer, new guests are confirming everyday, and the list keeps growing!

MomoCon hopes every year its free admission status will inspire others around the world to take the initiative to start an event in their area. The convention is currently working out the details of a charity event to coincide with the convention theme, to encourage the attendees to use the money they would've spent on admission to aid the less fortunate.

ABOUT ANIME O-TEKKU: Celebrating its 12th year of charter, the anime club of Georgia Tech, Anime O-Tekku ( boasts a multitude of mailing list members as well as dozens of local supporters who help with events. They are responsible for providing Mid-Town Atlanta with previous events such as screenings of Spirited Away, an annual "Anime Fest" celebration, and up-to-date information on the newest and best anime out of Japan. You can read more about Anime O-Tekku and MomoCon in the February 2005 issue of Newtype USA, or visit the website. All showings and meetings that the club hosts, as well as MomoCon, are free of charge.

Free Admission
March 17-18, 2007
Georgia Tech Student Center and Instructional Center
Atlanta, GA