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January 8, 2007

News for Daigacon 2007:

TenBu Productions brings Yoko Ishida to Daigacon 1

BOWLING GREEN, KENTUCKY ­ March 2-4, 2007, ­ TenBu Productions in conjunction with Japan based B.F.P. will be bringing Geneon recording artist Yoko Ishida to Daigacon 1 for a live concert.

TenBu Productions, responsible for introducing their own in house Japanese acts like Yunmao Ayakowa, Unicorn Table, Salia, Mai and more successfully to the U.S., now branches outside their own home to secure Daigacon's musical guest YOKO ISHIDA!

Yoko Ishida is Geneon's famed J-pop artists responsible for songs like "Otomme no Policy," form "Soldier Sailor Moon R," "Takaramono" from "Ai Yori Aoshi- Enishi," "Open Your Heart" from "Ah! My Goddess," "Natsuiro no Kakera" from "This Ugly Yet Beautiful World" and more. Yoko has had two successful U.S. album releases "Sweets" and "All f Me" and a U.S. national Para Para Max tour that spawned a live DVD. Yoko is also one of the first J-pop artists to break into the American J-Pop scene.

Other Japanese Guests TenBu Productions is presenting at Daigacon 1 is cosplay Idol / Spokes Lady, Yunmao Ayakowa from the new Sentai series "G-FIVE" and Yasuhiro Koshi of "BATTLE ROYAL" 1and 2, the new "SUKEBAN DEKA: YO-YO GIRL COP" movie, and also the new Japanese sentai series, "G-FIVE".

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