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December 19, 2005

News for Ushicon 2006:

Ushicon announces offical guest list and promo item for Ushicon GO!

Austin, TX. December 19, 2005 - Ushicon GO! announces its full slate of guests! In 2006 Ushicon will continue to host some of the best and brightest talent in the anime and manga industry today. Guests for Ushicon GO! range from Japanese anime and manga artists Ikuko Itoh & Keitarou Arima, to American artists Steve Bennett, Doug Smith, & Rivkah, and several top voice actors Greg Ayres, Laura Bailey, Yuri Lowenthal and Carrie Savage. Ushicon GO! will also have a special promo item designed by Keitarou Arima that will ONLY be available at this year's convention and will be in limited supply.

Ikuko Itoh
Creator of "Princess Tutu", Animation Director/Character Designer of "Magic Users Club", Character Designer various seasons and movies for "Sailor Moon"

Keitarou Arima
Creator of "Tsukuyomi - Moon Phase"

Yuri Lowenthal
US Voice Actor

Carrie Savage
US voice Actor

Laura Bailey
US voice actor

Greg Ayres
US Voice Actor

Douglas Smith
Artist & US Voice Actor

Steve Bennett
Animator and Industry Insider

Creator of "Steady Beat"

more information about Ushicon guests can be found at:

Austin, Texas - Ushicon LLC will be presenting Ushicon GO! at the Austin Marriot at the Capitol. Ushicon is an anime & manga convention that brings the best of anime & manga industry and fandom to western and central Texas. This year events will include panels hosted by industry representatives, American voice actors, American artists, Japanese artists, fans and experts on all parts of Japanese culture. Look forward to karaoke, game shows, anime and live action video rooms along with special promos and other fan inspired events.

Ushicon GO! is an event for PreRegistered members ONLY! PreRegistration for Ushicon GO! runs until midnight, December 31, 2005.

Ushicon GO!
January 27-29, 2006
Austin Marriot at the Capitol
Austin, TX