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December 13, 2005

News for Llamacon 2006:

Llamacon 2006 announces new guests

Webcomic artist Brian Wilson, voice actor Daniel Kevin Harrison to appear

GREAT BARRINGTON, MA – Dec 13th 2005 – Llamacon 2006, the upcoming one-day anime con hosted by the Simon's Rock Anime Club, has expanded its guest roster even further with only a little more than two months left before the convention.

Daniel Kevin Harrison, a voice actor known for his over-the-top panels and frequent appearances at PortConMaine, will be the convention's first Voice Actor Guest of Honor. Additionally, Brian Wilson, creator of Hookie Dookie Panic, is the new Webcomic Guest of Honor and will be present in the Artist Alley as well as in the convention's panel track.

Fortunately for those expecting to attend Llamacon, the growing number of confirmed guests is not expected to slow down – at least one more guest announcement can be expected between now and the end of January.

About Daniel Kevin Harrison: Daniel Kevin Harrison is a New England based voice actor who works with the well-known anime producer Joe Digiorgi out of Headline Sound in Irvington N.Y.
Some of his anime credits include the title character in GOKUDO, Don the mechanic in KO BEAST, Seishinjia in MADARA, Muryou in SHINGU, and Hiro in GRAVITATION. He has also appeared on television in such series as CHINA BEACH, LA LAW, THE LAW AND HARRY MCGRAW, and SIMON AND SIMON. His film credits include Clint Eastwood's BIRD, Stephen King's THE LANGOLIERS, and WAKE in which he starred with Martin Landau, QUEER AS FOLK'S Gale Harold, and Blake Gibbons of GENERAL HOSPITAL. All this sounds pretty impressive, but it is his anime work that has finally made him cool in the eyes of his 3 sons.

Considered by some to be a loose cannon on the convention circuit, Daniel will answer any question, offer epithet-laden opinion, and autograph any body part. He looks forward to Llamacon and winter in the Berkshires.

About Brian Wilson: Brian Wilson is the devious mastermind/composer of the ever-nefarious Hookie Dookie Panic! Along with his partner in crime (and by crime, we mean comics) Shawn Lieske, the two spend the early hours of morning channeling what has been described as "A whole new kind of tasteless." This, of course, refers to the insane antics that manifest themselves around the optimistic Wilcow, and the Facetious Seen. A freeloading chick who was mod-chipped, a Vietcong terrorist in a diaper, horrible candy stealing cupcake men, and an XBox with the power to alter reality are just some of the things you'll find. But the bread and butter of HDP is conventions, as the creators have been described as convention-a-holics: Wilson being an avid cosplayer and Shawn a respected Anime Music Video Editor gives them ample opportunity to make light of all the bizarre things you see at cons. You can see his work at