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November 30, 2005

News for Llamacon 2006:

Llamacon 2006 announces high school promotion

High school anime clubs to receive discount on pre-registration

GREAT BARRINGTON, MA - November 30th 2005 - Llamacon 2006, a one-day convention being held by the Simon's Rock Anime Club, has announced a revolutionary new promotion aimed at high school anime clubs.

"Remember what it was like to be an otaku in high school? You didn't have money to buy DVDs, your parents wouldn't take you to any conventions, and it was almost impossible to find a classroom for your club to meet in or an advisor to make it official. At the same time, for many anime fans high school was their first chance to meet their fellow otaku and many great friendships were formed as a result." said Dan Orlowitz, convention chairman. "Because Llamacon is a one-day convention, we're in a unique position to help younger otaku who aren't able to go to conventions that take place during the school year. This program will make it just a little easier for their club to experience a convention without a negative impact on their schoolwork or their wallets. I look forward to meeting representatives of clubs from across the region and hope that you will all accept our invitation."

The promotion will discount the price of pre-registration from $7 to $5 for high school anime clubs that register a minimum of five members plus an advisor or chaperone. This discount will only be available via mail-in registration. For more details on the program and instructions, please visit

Additionally, representatives from the Admissions department at Simon's Rock College of Bard will be available to answer questions about the school to interested attendees and hand out promotional materials.

About Llamacon: Llamacon 2006 is a one-day anime convention that will take place on February 25th, 2006 at Simon's Rock College of Bard in the Daniel Arts Center. The convention will focus on fan-works and fan-created content, ranging from AMVs and fandubs to webcomics, fanfiction, cosplay, and more. Announced guests so far include Piano Squall, the Bad Luck Cosplay Band, and webcomic artist Jeph Jacques. For more information, please visit the Llamacon 2006 website at

About Simon's Rock College of Bard: Founded nearly 40 years ago by Elizabeth Blodgett Hall, Simon's Rock College of Bard is the nation's only college of the liberal arts and sciences designed expressly for students of high school age. Most students enter Simon's Rock after completing the 10th or 11th grade, and follow programs leading to the Associate in Arts and Bachelor of Arts degrees in liberal arts. To learn more about the college, please visit the official website at