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November 21, 2005

News for Llamacon 2006:

Llamacon 2006 announces new guests

Webcomic artist Jeph Jacques to be present, cosplay band Bad Luck to perform

GREAT BARRINGTON, MA – November 17th 2005 – Llamacon 2006, a one-day convention being held by the Simon's Rock Anime Club, is proud to announce two new guests of honor. The cosplay band Bad Luck will join Piano Squall in the evening concert, and webcomic artist Jeph Jacques of Questionable Content will be present throughout the day in the panel track as well as in the Artist Alley.

Bad Luck - Gravitation is one of the most popular shoujo series in America, famed for its intense emotion, its spastic sense of humor, and above all its fabulous soundtrack. The BAD LUCK cosplay band brings the rhythm and insanity to the stage, with live performance of their own arrangements of music from the anime, performed in costume and in character. Whether you're a fan of the original series, or just enjoy the energy and intensity of live J-rock, you won't want to miss this one-of-a-kind event. Gravitation tells the story of a rock band battling its way to the top, and here the hyperactive lead singer Shindou Shuichi, the heartthrob guitarist Nakano Hiroshi, and the almost-sane keyboardist Fujisaki Suguru are all played by experienced concert performers who are also award-winning cosplayers. And BAD LUCK doesn't just have the music: their debut concert at Anime Boston 2005 also featured dramatic interludes, with guest appearances by Shuichi's true love, the sullen and charismatic romance novelist Yuki Eiri, by the band's bazooka-toting American manager K, and by other members of the ever-unpredictable Gravitation cast. The BAD LUCK Cosplay Band combines live music, romance, insanity, big guns and bright pink bunnies, all in one unforgettable cosplay performance.

Jeph Jacques - Jeph Jacques is the writer/artist behind Questionable Content. He currently hails from Easthampton, MA and, according to his website, plays the guitar too loud for his own good. Questionable Content is a "comedic" Indie slice-of-life tale. The plot centers around Marten, an average frustrated 20-something indie rock dork, his anthropomorphic PC (AnthroPC) named Pintsize, and his somewhat mysterious and frequently moody roommate Faye. In addition to QC, Jeph has guest-written for other webcomics, including Dinosaur Comics and Bunny. Jeph has appeared at Connecticon and will be appearing at ConBust later in 2006.

In addition to these guest announcements, Llamacon has also made many updates to its site – online pre-registration is now available at the Llamacon Store ( Additionally, registration for the Artist Alley is now available. In the Events section, several panels and video screenings have been announced as well, including a Fanfiction-Only Event Track that is sure to give fic-writers something to look forward to. Cosplay Chess is also taking registrations.

For more information, please visit the Llamacon 2006 website at