Press Releases

August 29, 2005

News for Onna! 2005:

Onna! announces J-rock band Gelatine as musical guest

It's just two months until Onna! and this week's news is chock-full and overflowing with information. Check out new highlights for Onna! by reading below....

Onna! Registration: We're now offering single-day and two-day passes, for those who can't spend the whole weekend having a great time with us.
Single-day Saturday and Sunday passes are just $20; two-day (Saturday/Sunday) are just $35, if you register online before September 12th.

More info:; click on "Registration"

Onna! Music Guest Gelatine: Gelatine is a New York City-based J-Rock band we're excited to have play at Onna! They perform Saturday night the perfect way to get revved up for the weekend.

More info:; click on "Events", then click on "Guests"

Onna! Games: In addition to great person-to-person games such as Anime Parliament and the Hyakku Isshun card game, Onna! hosts seven hours of straight-up video gaming, beginning Sunday evening. For those hardcore DDR/PPP fans, we're offering a tournament as well!

More info:; click on "Events", then click on "Games and Contests"

Onna! Karaoke: You like to sing, and your friends support your habit. That's why we've now posted information about our Karaoke events, including a contest with prizes to be awarded. Karaoke is Saturday and Sunday (times to be announced), so get your voice training now!

More info:; click on "Events", then click on "Karaoke"

Onna! at MoCCA: Onna! co-chair Erica Friedman will talk about women's comics and animation, focusing on yuri/shoujo-ai on September 12th at MoCCA (Museum of Comics and Cartoon Art) from 7pm - 8pm in New York City, as part of the center's Cartoon Alliance discussion program. If you want to learn more about yuri, publishing comics, or Onna!, you've got a perfect opportunity to get your info straight from the top.