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June 19, 2005

News for Anime Los Angeles 2006:

Anime Los Angeles announces flyer design competitions

June 2005, Los Angeles -- Anime Los Angeles has opened up a three-stage competition for fans to design some good-looking flyers.

Chair and founder Chaz Boston Baden said, "We need something with visual impact that conveys the spirit and fun of the convention. By winter, I'd like us to have a standard black and white flyer, a colorful postcard-sized piece, and either a half-page or a trifold flyer. Since we're all volunteer-run, we're looking for volunteers to design us something that looks good."

The first deadline is Saturday, 25-Jun-2005. If a winning design is chosen, it will be printed and distributed at Anime Expo. Artists may work in any of the four possible formats (full page, half page, color postcard, or trifold).

The second competition's deadline is 23-Jul-2005, and the third deadline 17-Sep-2005. The second and third contests will be open in whatever formats haven't already had winning designs chosen at the previous deadlines.

You may enter as many designs as you like. Preferred submission formats are PDF or TIFF. Upload your file and send the URL, or send the file, to [email protected] All submissions become the property of Anime Los Angeles. Artists will be credited for their work. Chaz Baden adds, "Prize for the winning designs we use will be a home-made batch of cookies of the artist's choice."

Anime Los Angeles's guests of honor are: Hiroaki Inoue, professional GoH; PMBQ (, artist GoH; Karisu (aka "Karisu-sama") and Richard Man ("Didjiman"), fan GoHs; and Tadao Tomomatsu ("Mr. Shake-Hands Man"), toastmaster.

Anime Los Angeles will have a con suite, costume repair station, costume and prop workshops, live music and karaoake, other live program events, an AMV contest, two dances, a masquerade, hall costume awards, a dealers room, game room, artist's concourse (for artists to sell and commission art), fan tables (for other clubs and conventions to recruit members), and two video rooms (one anime and one live-action).

Anime Los Angeles 2 will be held Friday-Sunday, 27-29 January 2006, at the Airtel Plaza Hotel in Van Nuys, California. The convention is sponsored by SDSFC, a non-profit organization, and is run entirely by fans volunteering their time. The website is at