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November 29, 2011

News for QC Anime-zing! 2012:

Anime-zing! announces Cristina Vee and Trevor Mueller

November 26, 2011 - Davenport, Iowa - Anime-zing! 2012 is excited to announce that Cristina Vee and Trevor Mueller will be attending the 2012 Anime-zing! anime convention in Davenport, Iowa. Christina and Trevor will be joining Robert Axelrod and Sonny Strait, in addition to still unannounced guests, for a three-day weekend including autograph signings, Q&A sessions, and various panels.

Cristina Vee is an actress known for her work in animation and video games. She has had much success as a voice over actor with leading roles in anime such as Tekken: Blood Vengeance (Alisa), K-ON! (Mio), The Familiar of Zero (Louise), and Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha (Nanoha). She is widely known as the voice of Noel Vermillion, Nu-12, Lambda-11, and Mu-13 in the Blazblue frachise. Other credits include roles in Dynasty Warriors 7 (Lian Shi), Sakura Wars (Anri Yoshino), Rune Factory Frontier (Cinnamon), Ar Tonelico Qoga (Saki, Sarapatra, Filament, Sakia), and Hyperdimension Neptunia (Compa). She is currently directing the voice over for the already popular indie fighter Skullgirls.

Cristina also gathered a following after posting videos on YouTube. Her songs have garnered over ten million views on her channels alone. She released her first single, a theme song for an English language dating sim, Remember Me on iTunes last May with new songs in the works to be released in the near future. Her singing can also be heard in K-ON! volumes 2,3, 4, and her version of Super Driver can be heard in an episode of the ASOS Brigade in the Haruhi Suzumiya: Season 2 DVDs. In the past she sang in Broccolis DUP USA. She is currently promoting K-ON! with live concerts featuring the English voice over actresses of the series main cast.

On camera, she hosted season 2 of AnimeTV, played Haruhi Suzumiya in the ASOS Brigade season 2, and starred in the full length feature Broken Spirits.

Trevor Mueller, born in Ann Arbor, MI, was shocked to discover his latent writing abilities at an early age. "Am I from another planet?" he used to ponder as a child, but alas he soon discovered that he was a mere mortal by crashing his bike into a tree.

Trevor works at an advertising agency by day, and writes comics by night. He is the writer / artist / creator of several popular webcomic series including the fantasy epic THE TEMPLE OF A THOUSAND TEARS and the teen-rated gag strip @$$HOLE!, both of which are self-published and have been nominated for several web comic awards. His web comic work can be found on his website,, along with his near-daily updates of movie, video game, and comic reviews.

In addition to self-published web comics, Trevor has also written and self-published several other works including the all-ages stories ALBERT THE ALIEN and JUNKYARD CHASE. He has also contributed stories to several anthologies, including HOPE: THE HERO INITIATIVE from Ronin Studios and READING WITH PICTURES from the non-profit of the same name that advocates the use of comics in the classroom to promote literacy and improve education for all students.

In 2009 Trevor joined Reading With Pictures as their Marketing Director, combining his love of comics, education, and advertising. Trevor gives lectures and presentations throughout the mid-west at conventions and schools on several topics, including the power of combining creativity and literacy. Trevor resides in the city of Chicago, with his cat Waffles.

This year's Anime-zing! anime convention will feature several special guests of honor, a bigger cosplay masquerade, and a diverse selection from anime vendors and artists. Last year's event drew over 580 people to the RiverCenter in downtown Davenport and guests included Johnny Yong Bosch, Eyeshine, Sonny Strait, Robert Axelrod, Trevor Mueller, Russell Lissau, Samurai Dan, and Lady Jillian.

Events at Anime-zing! 2012 will include autograph signings, an expanded cosplay masquerade, a dealer's room, a rave dance, a formal ball, video gaming tournaments, guest discussions, panels, workshops, board gaming, collectible card gaming, anime screenings, and a hall cosplay contest. Anime-zing! also features a ConSuite hospitality suite offering attendees free ramen, free rice, and free soda all weekend. Hotel rooms can be booked for only $95 per night.

"This year's convention is going to be better than ever," said organizer Ryan Kopf.

Dealer booths are also available, for $90 per 10' x 10' section, including one badge per section. Artist alley tables will be available for $55, including one badge.

Anime-zing! is a three-day festival celebrating Japanese animation and Japanese culture, along with the fandom surrounding them. Activities ranging from various cosplay events and video game tournaments to Japanese conversation lessons and Japanese brush writing lessons. More information about events and registration can be found on the convention website, at