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September 13, 2011

News for Nekocon 2011:

Nekocon announces MC Frontalot concert

The godfather of Nerdcore has come to town!

Nekocon is extremely honored that MC Frontalot has chosen to take a stop on his world tour and spend a night live in concert with them! He will be playing a single show, Saturday night at the convention.

MC Frontalot was born Marvin Clinton Frontague in the heart of Albuquerque in 1973. The fronting has increased exponentially since. Fourteen years of rap stardom, twenty-one world tours, and four platinum albums find MC Frontalot threatening retirement. His legion of fans will sob quietly to themselves.

Don't be left out and miss this chance to see him live in concert this November!

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Nekocon 14, 2011 Hampton, VA