Press Releases

May 11, 2011

News for Nekocon 2011:

Nekocon announces Funimation as an industry guest

HAMPTON, VA - May 11th, 2011 - Nekocon announces it's first Industry Guest of 2011!

Nekocon is pleased to announce that it will host Funimation as it's first Industry Guest of 2011. They will be located in our dealers room with a special booth setup for attendees to enjoy, and be providing panels where you can get a sneak peak of things to come! Make sure you stop by and talk with them!

Make sure to register now and take advantage of early discount pricing!

Nekocon 14, 2011 Hampton, VA

For more information check out the main Nekocon website where you can find details on guests, hotel, registration, and forums to discuss with your friends!