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September 8, 2010

News for MangaNEXT 2010:

MangaNEXT returns in October 2010 after hiatus

East Brunswick, NJ, September 3, 2010 - MangaNEXT, the first Manga convention in the United States, returns for 2010. MangaNEXT returns to the New York and New Jersey metropolitan area for 2010 bringing a vast amount of manga and art focused programming to the area's manga fans. The 2010 convention will be at the East Brunswick Hilton hotel in East Brunswick, New Jersey from October 28 to 31, 2010.

The convention organizers, the same independent organization that manges AnimeNEXT, are planning several special new programming ideas for attendees to celebrate the convention's return after taking a one year hiatus. The convention has already announced several art and comics related guests who will be present at the convention. The convention is welcoming the following guests; Manga-ka Akino Kondoh, freelance artist and Bizenghast creator M. Alice LeGrow, veteran of syndicated comic strips and creator of Sita sings the Blues Nina Paley, print and web comics artist and author Lea Hernandez, and lastly Dirk I. Tiede, the creator of the graphic novel series Paradigm Shift.

MangaNEXT will also enable attendees to take part in and influence the convention's programming by accepting applications for panels and workshops directly from the convention's attendees. The convention has had a history of hosting some of the most unique and enlightening panels, discussion groups, cultural events and workshops in the past, and it plans on continuing that tradition in 2010 with the help of its attendees.

The convention has also opened its Artist Alley application and would like to attract as many unique and skilled artists as it can. Artists can apply for MangaNEXT's artist alley tables directly on the convention's web site.

Look for more announcements from MangaNEXT on the web as it continues to differentiate itself with its unique programming and guests. Please visit the convention's web site, MangaNEXT to register and attend the convention. You can also follow MangaNEXT on Twitter, @manganext, for even more up to date news.