July 5, 2016

News for Louisville Anime Weekend 2016:

Sukoshi Con cancels Louisville Anime Weekend and all future events

by Patrick Delahanty, Executive Producer, and

In a Twitter announcement today, Sukoshi Con has announced Louisville Anime Weekend "has been cancelled and that there will not be any future Sukoshi Con events."

The announcement comes after all Sukoshi Con web sites have been taken down and related Facebook groups have been deleted. The @SukoshiCon Twitter account remains online.

Louisville Anime Weekend was the only future convention scheduled at the time of the announcement. No details have yet been given as to refunds for this event and the Eventbrite registration page is still online and accepting registrations. This is likely an oversight and not a disingenuous attempt to collect money for a cancelled event.

Sukoshi Con had previously cancelled Louisville Anime Weekend in 2015. That followed the cancellations of Sukoshi Con: Destination Anime and Sukoshi Con: Anime Paradise earlier in 2015.

Earlier in 2016, Sukoshi Con had run Anime Southwest near Denver, Colorado. This event had changed venues and lost most of their guests. Sukoshi Con entered the Denver market last year when they licensed the Animeland Wasabi name and ran that convention for a year. However, they split off for their 2016 convention and Animeland Wasabi 2016 was not organized by Sukoshi Con.

Sukoshi Con could not be reached for comment. Attempts to e-mail any e-mail address bounced back as undeliverable.

UPDATE (July 7): The web site is back online and still links to the active Eventbrite registration page. As far as we know, the convention is still cancelled. We do not recommend registering.

UPDATE (July 10): The main page now says that all future Sukoshi Con conventions are cancelled. The Louisville Anime Weekend page is now completely blank (except for a tiny logo) with no cancellation notice posted there. The Eventbrite page remains online and collecting registrations.