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James Raiz

Comic Artist
Toronto, ON

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James Raiz is a Canadian comic book artist. Originally a background artist for Dreamwave, he moved on to full illustration duties when they acquired the Transformers license. Before and since Dreamwave folded, he has also provided Hasbro with packaging art, and currently does covers for IDW's Transformers books. His other work includes DC Comics' Birds of Prey and Wonder Woman, and Marvel Comics' Hulk. He also works in the special effects industry as a visual effects artist and matte painter.

Raiz would have done more work for Dreamwave but he gave up Armada for a planned Optimus Prime miniseries, which didn't happen, and was then put on the G1 ongoing, which was delayed by War and Peace. Unable to wait that long for another gig, he left Dreamwave to work for DC's Wildstorm imprint. He came back in 2004 to be offered the next Transformers: The War Within but by then it was too obvious that Dreamwave was strapped for cash, so he turned them down (and a very smart decision that was).

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