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Julianna "Marquise Cubey" Franchini

Julianna "Marquise Cubey" Franchini

British Columbia

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Marquise Cubey, also known as Julianna Franchini, is a craftsmanship-focused cosplayer and the author of Cosplay Fabric FX (FanPowered Press/C&T Publishing) and the owner of Cubey Sewing Patterns. She makes all kinds of costumes and sometimes, she even wears them! Her main specialization is sewing, patternmaking, textile arts, and prop painting, as well as designing original costumes and characters! However, she's never one to shy away from a daunting project if there's something new to be learned about the craft. Cubey also uses cosplay as a place to experiment with new tools and techniques. This can be anything from learning how to make a proper tailored jacket, creating patterns for garments that appear to defy physics, and even a dramatic transformation into a 7-foot tall demonic shadow being with a fancy hat. Most of all, when it comes to cosplay, Cubey believes that there's so much more to the craft than simply making pretty things. As someone hailing from the various wardrobe departments of Vancouver's entertainment industry, Cubey constantly sees costumes being used as a storytelling tool that can be just as powerful as the performance of the actor wearing them. This love for the medium of costume is what drives her to weave subtle (and not so subtle) narratives into each garment she makes, using everything from fabric choices to weathering and breakdown.

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