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Brent Schoonover

Comic Artist
Minnesota, USA

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One day in South Beloit, IL, sometime during the mid-80's, a young boy named Brent laid eyes on his first comic book. At that moment a metaphorical thunderbolt streaked down from the sky, enveloping the lad in a glow of inspirational energy that caused him to hold his pencil aloft and bellow his intent to draw comics to all within earshot. He was quickly asked to leave the store because he had startled the other customers, but nonetheless the die was cast. The gumbo that was young Brent's brain was further seasoned with monster movies, old cartoons, pro-wrestling and other pop culture, resulting in an imaginative worldview delineated in bold lines and defined by a need to tell stories. Now living in MN, Brent takes on all comers-from comics to editorial illustrations and packaging assignments-with a distinctive style that marries retro and contemporary influences to create something uniquely his own.

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