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Comic Inker
Pennsylvania, USA

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A top inker in the comic book industry, Scott Hanna has been drawing and inking comics for 30 years. His work has been published in over 100 graphic novels and he's inked well over 21,000 pages of comics art. Known for his very adaptable inking work and finishes that enhance the pencil work of a wide variety of artistic styles. Scott started work as a penciller/inker for Eternity comics, but is best known as a specialist in inking. His first published work at Eternity was DeathHunt #1. Soon after, he was working at DC as an inker starting with Grant Morrison's Doom Patrol and Hawk and Dove #1. At DC comics he worked on most of their major titles, most notably a five year run on Detective Comics starring Batman. During this time, Scott worked on the Knightfall, Knightquest and Knightsend story arc with Bane and the breaking of the Bat. With the new 52, Scott started on Green Lantern Corps #1 and inked every issue until the Creative team change with #21. At Marvel Comics, Scott's worked on all the top characters at the company, including Spider-Man, the X-Men, IronMan, the Hulk, Daredevil, Thor and Wolverine. He was working on Spider-Man for 15 years, inking almost every title starring the wall crawler. Starting with the Maximum Carnage and Clone Saga story lines in Spider-Man and continuing with a nine year partnership inking John Romita Jr, starting with Spider-Man #73. This included the Amazing Spider-man stories written by J. Michael Straczynski beginning in 2003 and ending with Amazing Spider-Man #508. Scott has recently worked with JRjr on Avengers vs. X-Men and Captain America. Scott first worked with penciller Mark Bagley on Spider-Man and Batman #1 while working on both characters at their respective companies. Later collaborations included Thunderbolts, The Pulse and Ultimate Spider-Man. Scott also had a more than ten year partnership inking penciller Tom Raney on titles at both Marvel and DC. Industry awards include- The Eisner award: 2002 Best Serialized Story the Inkwell Awards; 2018 Favorite Inker 2018 Most Adaptable Inker 2017 Favorite inker 2017 Props Award 2012 Most Adaptable Inker 2012 Props Award 2011 Favorite Inker 2011 Most Adaptable Inker 2010 Most Adaptable Inker Wizard Magazine's Wizard Fan award: 2004 Best Inker. He has been teaching and lecturing on Comics, Graphic Novels, and sequential art since 2002. Scott is currently teaching Sequential art and drawing classes at the Arts and Fashion Institute in Bucks County, PA. The School was started by his wife, Fashion Designer Pamela Ptak. He is Also working for both Marvel and DC on numerous titles.

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