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Chell is a cosplayer, coscrafter, and digital media creator, with passions in art, videography, and editing. She was introduced to cosplay while attending her first convention in 2013, where she realised that the greatest joy of cosplay, to her, was the process of creating. She began sharing her work with the world in early 2021, pushing her creativity to new limits with her unique style of cosplay progress videos, self-portrait photography, and in-character mini-movies. In the past year, Chell has also begun expanding her work and getting more involved with the Toronto cosplay community with her photography. Chell focuses on detail work and screen-accuracy in her costumes, always learning something new with every cosplay she makes - from sewing, to wig styling, to prop-making. As a lifelong digital media creative, she merges her passions of photography and video with cosplay in her self-portrait photography and films.

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