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Vancouver Island, BC

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Obsessive Costume Design is a husband and wife cosplay duo that originated in Calgary, migrated to Vancouver Island, and most recently have landed themselves in Vancouver. They started out with a love for old movies and video games (and a blatant disregard for actual ability) giving them the ideal frame of mind to plunge headfirst into any costume idea that piques their interest, and often the crazier the better. From their first creations (a pair of skeksi's from the Dark Crystal) they have worked in every medium they can get their hands on. Whenever they are introduced to new or interesting techniques, they are eager to take a whack at it. This has led to more than a few hilarious stories and nearly burnt down shops. They enjoy sharing their art and knowledge with the community by hosting panels or providing costume repairs at conventions. Often you will find them talking shop, marvelling over other costumes, or hear them laughing as they glue themselves to a repair, creating a natural bond with their fellow cosplayers. You can always count on them to bring the unique, odd, and often obscure to the cosplay world.

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