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Starfighter Smalls has always been a fan of dressing up and prancing around as some of their favourite characters from an early age, but didn't officially start cosplaying until 2015 when they attended their very first Fan Expo. Smalls' interests span across many different fandoms and can be found cosplaying from franchises like Marvel, Star Wars, Disney, The Walking Dead and various animes. Smalls is passionate about creating an inclusive community for all cosplayers and has offered panels that discuss inclusion, confidence and resources for cosplayers. These panels have been a part of various convention programming that include Emerald City Comic Con, Sakuracon and Anirevo. When Smalls isn't crying over what cosplay to work on next, they can be found happily working on props which is their favourite part of creating their cosplays. Adding props is a great way to easily stand out when cosplaying characters that have defining props or accessories. Most of their methods when building cosplay is trial and error, because just looking up on how to make something is just too easy.

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