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Matt Smith is a Canadian television, theatre and voice actor who has worked with Ocean Productions in Vancouver.
It was a play in Stratford where a young 12 year old Matt turned to his Mom and said, "they did the whole play just for me, Mom!" that it was decided that Matt would pursue the life of an actor. Years later, after an award filled breadth of acting work that he still enjoys, Matt is now a successful Real-Estate investor/realtor in downtown Toronto.
Matt was the recipient of the 1996-1997 Sam Payne Award for Most Promising Newcomer in Vancouver theatre.
Matt's anime credits include Dragonball Z's Tenshinhan, Ronin Warriors' Dais and Sage Date aka Sage of the Halo, Gundam Seed's Orga Sabnak and Jackie Tonomura, Inu Yaha's Hojo, Mobile Suit Gundam: Hayato Kobayashi, and in Zoids as Sanders, just to name a few.

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