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Claude J. Pelletier

Editor-in-chief / Former Publisher
Protoculture Addicts
Montreal, QC

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s a child, Claude J. Pelletier dreamed of becoming archaeologist. Later, because of his love for books and writing, he wanted to be a librarian and novelist. Ironically, he ended up publishing other people’s stories—a science-fiction fanzine (Samizdat, in French) and several anthologies of Quebec science-fiction (Sous Des Soleils Étrangers, four volumes of Orbite d'Approche and three collections of short stories by Daniel Sernine, all in French). In 1987, after completing his master’s degree in roman history, he founded the Robotech fanzine Protoculture Addicts—which quickly evolved into the general anime and manga magazine it is now, more than twenty years later.

In the early 90s, as a publisher, he also contributed to the publication of a few comic books and role-playing games (alternate reality Cyberpunk, Heavy Gear, Jovian Chronicles). In 2000, he published Anime: A Guide To Japanese Animation (a filmography of the first thirty years of the anime industry in Japan, translated from Italian). In 2005, joining force with Anime News Network, he relinquished his position as Protoculture Addicts' publisher but remained its editor-in-chief. His proudest achievement is to have kept the magazine going and constantly improving—it is the longest running anime magazine in North America and the best guide to anime culture.

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