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Stefano known as "Heroes Workshop" in the costume building community started making costumes in 2009 after a break dancing knee injury on his birthday caused him to find a new hobby while he was recovering.
He was watching Youtube one day and saw someone in a Master Chief costume. He didn't really know anything about cosplay and never knew people built these kinds of armor type suits.

So he quickly began researching for hours each day and built his first spartan armor in the same year. He presented his armor to a costume building forum and people were amazed at this "noob" picking it up
so quickly. It only inspired him to continue his passion for building. The dreams of competitive break dancing were quickly put aside.

He later created a Youtube Channel "TheHeroTutorials" qhich would be re-branded as "Heroes Workshop" to post his work in vlog format. He also has created a Video tutorial series to help beginners get into costume making. He began showing people more materials to build with by evolving the original methods he first learned.

He is experienced in oil based clay sculpting, molding, casting, scratching building with eva foam, worbla, foam core, polystyrene and uses tool such as 3d printing, Vac forming and also utilizes Pepakura software for many of his builds.

His work eventually caught the eye of the movie industry and gave him the opportunity of working on a big budget film developing prototype costumes for pre-production. He also helped make props for various TV projects. "Heroes Workshop" turned into a commission based business where clients submit designs and he brings them to life.

To watch him build costumes and props LIVE, check out his Twitch channel: https://www.twitch.tv/heroesworkshop

For more information please visit his website: http://www.heroesworkshop.com/

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