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Texas, USA

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Jason Douglas is best known for his highly acclaimed voice performance as 'Beerus the Destroyer' in the DRAGON BALL SUPER anime and video game franchise (also occasionally voicing the seldom-seen King Cold). Jason is also the voice of 'Krieg the Psycho' in the wildly popular video game BORDERLANDS 2 & 3, and currently is the voice of 'Kishibe' in the Crunchyroll hit series CHAINSAW MAN.

In live action film and television, Jason appeared over four seasons as 'Tobin' in THE WALKING DEAD, and portrayed 'Satan' in AMC's hit comic-book adaptation of Garth Ennis's PREACHER. More recently, he's been a recurring guest star on the breakout Freeform hit show, CRUEL SUMMER. Other guest-star appearances include AMC's Breaking Bad, ABC's Nashville, NBC's Revolution, and El Rey Network's From Dusk Til Dawn: The Series. Feature film appearances include Sin City, A Scanner Darkly, Machete, No Country for Old Men, Snitch, and Jack Reacher 2: Never Go Back.

As an award-winning voice artist, Jason works frequently with Texas-based production companies Crunchyroll, Sentai Filmworks, and Rooster Teeth. He has has voiced lead characters in nearly 200 titles including RWBY (Jacques Schnee), Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (Miles), Fairy Tail (Gildarts), Attack on Titan (Miche), Black Butler 2 (Claude), Deadman Wonderland (Azuma), Psycho Pass (Masaoka), and One Piece (Aokiji).

Douglas' career began in Texas in the late 1990's. As one of the original ensemble of ADV Films voice actors, Jason lent his vocal talents to an array of colorful characters in some of ADV's most iconic titles, and worked with industry pioneers Carl Macek, Matt Greenfield, Steven Foster, and Kyle Jones, among others. Notable work from Jason's ADV tenure includes: Excel Saga (Il Palazzo), Elfen Lied (Bandoh), Rune Soldier (Louie), Mezzo, Gravion, Azumanga Daioh (Chiyo's Dad) & Gasaraki.

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