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Nathan DeLuca

Halifax, NS

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Nathan DeLuca is a giant nerd, rabbit enthusiast, comic book addict and cosplayer from Halifax, Nova Scotia. After making his first costume for Hal-Con 2012, he decided to devote a lot of his time and effort into learning how to build armour and props- spending most of his spare time getting better at the craft. After a dozen costumes, he decided to work full time at armour and prop making, focusing on EVA foam and thermoplastics- more recently, casting and 3D printing. He travels internationally to different conventions both as a guest, and as an attendee- with recent destinations such as Washington, Paris, and Sydney. He has also been featured in such places as the cover of Geek Inked, Cos Culture, Kotaku, JustSaying, Faces, and The Gazette, among others.
Nathan currently focuses on making costumes for individual clients, doing cosplay projects with his friends, and travelling. In his spare time, he takes projects that are way too big for him, talks to his rabbits like they are children, and fills what little living space he has left with sets of armour.

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