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Charles D. Moisant

Charles D. Moisant

Comic Book Publisher

Somewhere in a hidden layer in an undisclosed location in Oak Park, Charles D. Moisant is planning, plotting, scheming, if you will, his next creation.
Whatever Moisant has in store for his legions of readers, you can be sure it will involve zombies, haunted houses, unicorns or roller derby girls with super powers.
For the last eight years, Moisant and company have run Silver Phoenix comics, an independent comic book company that primarily produces standalone, or one-shot, books that tell the entire story in a single issue.
Moisant is an artist, writer and publisher, but has worked with some of the biggest names in the business, including creators from Marvel.
Sporting a long mutton chop-style mustache and wild hair of a mad genius, Moisant fits the profile of a gifted visionary.
While his focus is primarily on horror and fantasy, Moisant also has done educational comics about the history of Oak Park and is currently working on a series that promotes healthy life choices.

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