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Formed in July 2010, Magistina Saga's concept is a fairy tale of both magic and truth. Their sound charms listeners with compositions that incorporate anime and game music, with strings at the heart of melodies that are easy on the ears, and a unique world view expressed by a female vocalist. Unusual musical scales carry the truths and fairy tales that they play straight to your side.

The name Magistina Saga signifies a fairy tale of magic and truth. It came into existence because the members sought a unique name unlike any other, one that reflected the band's color and the members' individual styles of musical expression.

Their recent release, [The tone of temptation], is packed with many alluring tones. It took approximately half a year to produce. The members had no particular concept in mind when they began the project and, starting from nothing at all, the first song completed as a result was the third track, [After artifice]. The song was written by the bassist, Kyo, and it developed into an intense, bewitching number unlike any Magistina Saga had produced before. Kyo wrote the arrangement and lyrics with the image of "clowns" in mind. The theme of the lyrics is a deep perspective on romantic love, portraying someone who felt dominant in a relationship and seemed to be just toying with the partner, when in fact the partner was the one doing the toying and allowing that sense of dominance. A promotion video has also been released for this song, making it the representative track of the album. It is a highly recommended track for any who are interested in getting to know Magistina Saga.

Another recommendation is the fifth track, [ideal reality]. Composed by the guitarist, Urugi, the intro of this track leaves a powerful impression. The song is carried by a dark and intense yet melodious vocal line until the chorus, after which the composition transforms to a smoother, pop-ish sound to give the listener a completely opposing impression. This dramatic change in tone was devised to create a clear sense of progression, resulting in a profound composition that tells a story when heard from beginning to end.

Urugi has been strongly influenced by anime and video game music, so portions of his compositions can be associated with that sort of perspective. He has also been influenced by artists such as Yousei Teikoku and ALI PROJECT, noticeable if the listener pays close attention to his synthesizer sounds.

The lyrics were written by the vocalist, Iori, with the theme of ideals and reality as contradicting concepts. Everyone creates his or her own dreams and ideals, but things in the real world don't always pan out according to our individual ideals. As the days go by, we sometimes lose our will to try and want to run away, turning our eyes away from reality. But if, at those times, we can take another look at ourselves, accept our own weaknesses and endeavor to change, perhaps the world around us will naturally change for the better as well... This is the theme of the lyrics.

And the most recommended song on this album is the second track, [Tsuioku no Oto]. It would not be an exaggeration to say this song symbolizes all that is Magistina Saga. It was written shortly after the band formed and is highly popular among fans. It was written by guitarist Urugi, who composed it with a strong influence from the anime Black Butler. He wrote the track with the wish that it would become an opening song for the anime. In some ways, the track progresses in a manner similar to [ideal reality] - dark and intense up to the chorus, then maintaining that darkness as the sound instantly becomes more melodious. The bridge adds yet another expressive melody to further deepen the song's perspective, resulting in a composition that listeners can enjoy from start to end.

The song's lyrics were written, again, by vocalist Iori. They are written from the perspective of someone who is unable to believe in anyone else, until a single meeting one day starts to change everything. This person learns of the peace one can find through believing in another, and becomes able to look forward to the coming of a new day. However, these days don't last long before the time comes to say goodbye. But the smile that saved this person from solitude remains as a memory, providing the support needed to live on. This is the theme of the lyrics.

Experience for yourself and enjoy the world view presented in [The tone of temptation]!

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