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Kelli Sarré

Louisiana, USA


Kelli Sarré (K3LL-3) is a college student and casual artist from the rural suburbs of South Louisiana. She has been an anime fan from a tender age and has been a faithful MechaCon attendee since Year One.

K3LL-3 has been drawing from her early youth and has been involved in online artist communities for ten years. Her style is influenced by 90s anime and manga to salute the epoch in which she was raised.

Kelli is currently attending University to study English Composition. Other than studying, drawing, and reading how-to books, she spends dreadfully long hours as a shopkeeper NPC at a big-box retailer.

She enjoys networking and exchanging feedback with other visual arts hobbyists in order to improve her craft and help others improve. Feel free to connect with K3LL-3 and the Sake-Zone on!

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