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Amber Lee Connors

Los Angeles, CA, USA

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Amber Lee Connors is a professional voice actress for anime and video games. Her anime credits include Attack on Titan (Pieck); My Hero Academia (Ms. Joke); Jo Jo's Bizarre Adventure: stone Ocean (Gwess); JuJutsu Kaisen (Mei Mei), Keijo!!!!!!!! (Nozomi Kaminashi); Seven Deadly Sins (Gelda); Fairy Tail (Brandish μ); RWBY (Vernal); Dragon Ball Super (Dercori); Re;Zero (Fortuna); MetaRunner (Lucinia); Combatants Will Be Dispatched (Snow); Wandering Witch Elaina (Elaina); Citrus (Mei Aihara); Kokkoku (Juri Yukawa), Myriad Colors Phantom World (Mai Kawakami); Love Tyrant (Akane Hiyama); WorldEnd (Chtholly); One Piece: Film Gold (Baccarat); A Silent Voice (Miki Kawai) & many more!

Notable video game roles include Guilty Gear: Strive (I-No); Borderlands 3 (Female Psycho); Final Fantasy Brave Exvius: War of the Visions (Lilyth); Five Nights At Freddy's: Ultimate Custom Night (Toy Chica); Trails of Cold Steel (Shirley Orlando & Roselia); Fire Emblem: Heroes (Vika); Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis (Aina); Battlerite (Jade); Huniepop (Beli); Dust: An Elysian Tail (Ginger); Shadowverse (Hallessena); Cookie Run Kingdom (Rye Cookie); Tangle Tower (Sally) among others!

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