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Marc Matney

Marc Matney

Voice Actor
Wilmington, NC, USA


Marc has been dubbing anime for over 10 years now in Wilmington. His first role was a tiny part in Bubblegum Crisis which lead to a role in Urusei Yatsura. Once he began working with the incomparable Scott Houle at Coastal, his roles took off.
He was Inspector Zenigata in Rupan III: The Fuma Conspiracy, Kowalski in Crusher Joe, and Tamiya in Oh! My Goddess. He also has done voices in Spirit of Wonder, Baoh, and Shinesman. Of course, he will be best known and remembered for Ken Nakajima (and his father, Daimaru) in the 52 episodes of You're Under Arrest, a role he thoroughly enjoys.
"Ken is so much fun because he has so many facets to his personality," Marc says. "One moment he is a macho motorcycle cop, the next minute he is reduced to a stuttering, bumbling fool because of his (as yet unrequited) love for Miyuki. Plus he gets to make LOTS of weird sounds, screams and other various vocal noises. I always try to come up with a new 'Ken-cidental' for each episode, and working with Scott is such a pleasure because he allows the voice actors the freedom to improvise and come up with our own 'stamp' on the character. It's really a joy and so much fun I can't believe I get paid for it!"
Personal notes: He was born an Army brat on August 16, 1963 and has lived all over the world. He is married to a very patient and lovely woman named Rene, and has two kids, Rachel and Paul, both of whom have done voice-over work on You're Under Arrest. His daytime job is (trying to) teach teenagers Video Production at New Hanover High School in Wilmington. He wears an 12 shoe (recently moved up from an 11 -- what does that mean?) and has type O+ blood.
He wants all conventions to know he is very interested in being a guest. Please contact him at [email protected]! And to all You're Under Arrest fans, he says thank you!

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