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Lotus Juice is a Japanese rapper. A rising force in the Japanese music industry, "LJ", as he is also known, has released two full albums "Only a Test" and "Carpe Diem", and is working on a third. He has collaborated with composers like Taku Iwasaki and Shoji Meguro, and artists like Vlidge and Shihoko Hirata.

To gaming fans, LJ is most well known as the rapper from the popular video game Persona 3, performing the battle themes "Mass Destruction", "Wiping All Out" and "Burn My Dread - last battle-" for all releases of the game (original, FES, and PSP versions) among others. He also has written lyrics for the new opening for "unbreakable tie" from Persona 2 Innocent Sin PSP, and performed original songs for the most recent entry in the Dead or Alive franchise, DOA 5.

Of course LJ has also branched out into songs for anime such as Soul Eater, Katanagatari, Black Butler, and Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. He also wrote the lyrics for many new songs, including both opening themes ("Sky's the Limit", "Key Plus Words") as well as the first ending theme ("Beauty of Destiny") for Persona 4 the Animation, the adaptation of the mega-hit video game.

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