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Brian Heinz

Brian Heinz

Illinois, USA


Many are the rumors that surround Brian Heinz aka the Last Angry Geek. Some say his first, and only, love is comic books and that he reviews them for the masses. Others say he's a huge Doctor Who fan and he sits on a couch of green reviewing the new episodes. Others still, say there is no Last Angry Geek, there is only Lord Stark, sworn member of the Nights Watch and reviewer of Game of Thrones. A guy down the street says he's pretty sure he saw the Geek dressed up as Cloak #1 shortly after the events of SUBURBAN KNIGHTS. Rifftrax wouldn't return our calls, but on their website the Geek appears with Rob and Doug Walker for the riff of Batman Returns. Finally, George Lucas once said he was sure the Geek did a pretty good Obi-Wan impression but died at the hands of the Executer during TO BOLDLY FLEE. Many rumors surround the Last Angry Geek, what is known, is that many Bothans died to bring you this profile.

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