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Toronto, ON

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DJ FINISH HIM is a man who plays strange musical instruments few people have heard of in addition to more conventional ones to create compositions that remind the listener: This is why you have ears!

Following the August 2012 release of the 54-track THEY BLEED PIXELS ON THE DANCE FLOOR, the soundtrack to the hit indie videogame, "They Bleed Pixels," DJ FINISH HIM began amassing even more unusual instruments in preparation for future musical opportunities. Consequently, he was the first human being to play a Pianocade Chiptunes Synthesizer in front of a live audience. This practice has now become a staple of his live sets, evoking both a sense of wonder and nostalgia from the crowd.

His music may best be described as a coherent mess of musical destruction, mixing old-school videogame music sensibilities with modern sounds resulting in a familiar but strange and possibly unsettling listening experience.

DJ FINISH HIM's latest album is called TELESYNTHOLOGY.

In certain social circles, he is also known as Shaun Hatton. He has a mustache and funny hair.

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