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Andy Price

Illustrator / Cartoonist
Madison, AL, USA

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Andy Price is a freelance Illustrator, cartoonist, and collector of useless trivia. A graduate of the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon & Graphic Arts, Andy has done licensed work for DC Comics, LEGO, Marvel Comics, Rittenhouse Archives, Innovation Comics, and many more.

Besides a passion for putting pencil to paper, Andy also has a love for all things geeky, nerdy, and all around fun, which led him to marry Alice in 2006. Their combined love for Disney's Haunted Mansion brought them to pool their talents into Slave Labor Graphics' Haunted Mansion comic book, where Alice wrote and Andy drew far more in-jokes than Disney fans expected. Andy has an unhealthy love for Batman… Alice has an obsession with Nightmare Before Christmas… So the wedding cake was the Haunted Mansion, with Jack and Sally dressed as Batman and Batgirl standing before it. Their house looks like Hallowe'en attacked Gotham…

Inspirations include Don Newton, Jose Luis Garcia Lopez,Adam Hughes, Steve Rude, Doug Sneyd and so many others. Andy varies his style from classic illustration to caricature-ish and silly, blaming it entirely on the whim of the pencil at the moment. Batgirl may be beautiful… or she may be tripping over her own cape.

And now, My Little Pony dominates his art board!

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