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Trish Ledoux

San Francisco, CA, USA

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Editor, rewriter, translator, scriptwriter, voice-actor, author, producer and first-time mom Trish fell down the anime rabbit hole some 20 years ago and hasn't been up since. She began with Animag in the late '80s and continued on to be the founding editor of Animerica, writer of hundreds of ADR scripts, the voice of Princess Kahm in the US Renditions version of Outlanders, co-author of The Complete Anime Guide, producer of Trouble Chocolate and Project Arms on DVD and, both under her own name and that of a handful of pseudonyms, is either the editor, translator, and/or rewriter of many popular manga titles including Ranma 1/2, InuYasha, Maison Ikkoku, Ceres, Kaze Hikaru, Here is Greenwood, volumes 1 through 18 of Rurouni Kenshin and currently, Negima! for Del Rey. Nowadays, Trish is supremely content to be able to spend time with her famous spouse, Toshi and their's "Anime Personality of the Week" baby, Hajime.

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