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Ryoko Nakajima

Pastry Chef

Ryoko Nakajima graduated at the prestigious culinary school Tsuji in Tokyo. She received her tutalage of wagashi from a master and she travled through Europe to study chocolate. She visited France, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy and Austria. She opened her first chocolate shop at the high class Ginza district in Tokyo. The elite quickly become her daily clientèle. She helped the master chocolatier Jean-Paul Hevin to open a branch of his eponymous chain of chocolate shops and was employed as a consultant and advisor in many restaurants. After moving to Quebec, she has produced desserts for the restaurant Ginko where she created a dessert specifically for former Governor General Michaelle Jean. During the last two years she has traveled abroad to develop new desserts. She has acted as consultant for many companies, from the traditional ryokans to luxory hotels. Since returning to Quebec in late March, she wishes to share the wonders of Japanese traditional sweets to Quebecers.

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